Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week Four

This will only be a quick update as time is of the essence with an anatomy exam looming tomorrow and posture clinics demanding that we learn postures on a daily basis. Week four also marked our almost half way point - a scary thought with still many more posture dialogues to memorize and deliver. I'm finding that the most challenging aspect, no question about that. Bikram was also back this week and we only had one Bollywood movie to endure which was screened after an impromptu pizza night. Hungry yogis making short work of some 200 pizzas! Dom played dj for a while and it was good to see people relax and kick back for a couple of hours. 

Dr Frank Tripani leaves next week, now that the anatomy lectures are wrapped up, so I'm sure Bikram will want the opportunity to lecture us at length and screen yet more episodes of The Mahabharat. I'm expecting some late nights this week for sure. Right now I'm enjoying some great homemade salsa that a fellow trainee has made. Ahmad (sp?) is originally from Iran and owns a restaurant in Portland, Oregon. His salsa has garnered quite the reputation and I must say it IS fantastically delicious. Visions of the Seinfeld episode "I prepared it as I bathed." came briefly to mind as we have no 'kitchen' in our rooms, but its amazing how inventive one can be under such circumstances!

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